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Wallpapering is not a "One Size Fits All" situation. There are only about one million possible variables. Every installation is unique. A visit to each job site is usually required so WALLPAPERPRO can understand the logistics involved, know what wallcovering(s) will be installed and view/handle a sample of the material, & most importantly meet with each client to know their individual needs before offering an estimate. The following is base pricing for existing residential dwellings assuming your walls are clean, dry, smooth and serviceable; and WALLPAPERPRO will be priming/sealing your walls and installing pre-trimmed wallpaper(s). All wallcoverings are purchased by the client. All defective wallcoverings are replaced by the client.

Base pricing is for normal areas with normal ceiling heights (8' - 9') without excessive obstacles, or architectural details which require substantial and very intricate trimming or set up of scaffolding/rigging. Base prices apply within the service coverage area detailed in the map below.
If the job site is outside this area, you may be referred to another licensed wallcovering contractor. If the job site is well outside the area portrayed in this map or across the nation, please click here.
Fun Facts About Labor Costs
In 2004 the US Department of Labor stated the Minimum Starting Wage for the self employed business owner with experience was $75 per hour. In today's money that is about $120 per hour.

In 1997 many installers had a minimum charge of $300.oo
Estimate Fees (Residential) - Estimate fees are usually waived provided WALLPAPERPRO is contracted to provide the labor within 30 days of the estimate. Otherwise an estimate fee of $10 per room/area will be paid by the person(s)/organization requesting/receiving the estimate.

Estimate Fees (Commercial) - WALLPAPERPRO does not pursue this type of work. Please call the store where you purchased your wallpaper and ask for the name of another wallcovering contractor licensed for commercial work.

Approximately $125.oo per hour plus 10% of the retail price of the wallcovering.
*Minimum charge $300.oo

Base pricing for installation does not reflect additional labor costs that will be added for removal of old wallcoverings, installing liner papers, wall repairs or anything that adds to the scope of the work.
Estimates For Installation: At the time of your estimate the following information is needed:
1) The MSRP of your wallcovering.
2) The length of pattern repeat.
3) The trimmed width of your wallcovering.
4) Is your wallcovering untrimmed?
5) Does your wallcovering require a liner paper?
6) The length of the bolt.

Without this information, you will be getting a "Best Guess Estimate". This means calculations may be slightly or considerably off, including calculations for the amount of wallcovering needed or the total labor cost. If you select a different wallcovering after your estimate, just call with the new information so the estimate can be recalculated.

*Wallcovering sample books sometimes have inaccurate information including type of pattern match, length of pattern repeat, exact trimmed width, length of bolt, square footage and occasionally the sample will be upside down in the sample book. There are no industry standards specifying what the dimensions a "roll" or "bolt" of wallcovering must be. This is all beyond WALLPAPERPRO's control. We are not the manufacturers and not responsible for the accuracy of the information in sample books or how long/short manufacturers package their materials. Therefore WALLPAPERPRO cannot be held responsible for any material overages or underages.
Estimates For Removal: Estimates for wallcovering removal are for removal of old wallcovering(s) & adhesive only. If the previous paperhanger installed your wallcoverings correctly (removed all old wallcoverings & paste; primed with a wallcovering primer/sealer; used an appropriate activator/strippable adhesive), then there will be virtually no wall damage after removal. WALLPAPERPRO uses the most up to date removal techniques and is not responsible for any wall damage incurred during a removal. Additional charges will be added for all wall repairs.

Removal estimates are based on training, education and experience. There is absolutely no way to know in advance exactly how long or difficult a removal will be. Testing one or several areas is not a guarantee of how the rest of you room's wallpaper will strip. For example: If half the wallpaper is falling off your walls this is not necessarily an indication the other half will strip easily. If a removal takes unusually longer than expected or considerably less time than expected, then the estimate should be revised (provided the minimum charge for labor is met). After all it is an "estimate".

After prepping for removal a wallpaper that cooperates should strip at about one metric double roll per hour. This is based on a single layer of wallpaper covering an area approximately 8' - 9' tall X 5' wide. Remember that anyone you contract for removal of old wallpaper should also remove the old adhesive & wash your walls. *There are exceptions & sometimes its better to seal the adhesive with GARDZ than risk damaging woodwork or wood flooring with additional spraying of wallpaper remover.

Wallpapers that do not cooperate can take approximately 2.5 times longer to remove. This does not mean they shouldn't be removed. Today, virtually all wallcovering manufacturers instruct you to:
1) Remove all old wallcoverings before re-papering.
2) Prime the walls with a wallcovering primer/sealer (*You've got to remove the backing and old adhesive first).
3) Install your new wallcovering.
* You must also install an appropriate liner paper prior to step 3 if instructed by the manufacturer.

If the last paperhanger did not prime your walls with a primer/sealer suitable for use as a wallcovering under coater, "doctored" his/her paste or used an inappropriate adhesive, then the removal will not go as quickly (more labor intensive) and there is a high probability there will be minor to major wall damage.

If you are not re-papering and contracting for a removal only, WALLPAPERPRO will remove the old wallpaper, backing & adhesive (*some adhesive residue may remain on/in porous surfaces even after scrubbing & washing). There is no crystal ball we can look into to see exactly how long a removal will take, if there will be any wall damage or how much damage. A separate estimate for wall repairs can only be given after your wallcovering removal.

Your walls will not be "Ready for Paint" after a wallcovering removal. They will be ready for your painter to "Prep for Paint". This usually means your painter must do some sandpaper work, spackle damaged areas/holes in walls, caulk woodwork, sand spackled/repaired areas, and prime all walls/surfaces prior to painting.

How Much Does Labor Cost For One Wall?
(Approximately 12' wide X 8' tall & not an expensive wallpaper)

Scenario One: The one wall is smooth (and the stars are aligned properly)

A Half Day Job

8:30 am: Arrive, Unload equipment (Pasting table/Pasting machine/Wallpaper primer/Roman 880 Premium Wallpaper Adhesive/Hand tools), Lay drop cloths, Mask off woodwork.

9:00 am: Prime wall with wallpaper primer (provides a surface the wallpaper will adhere to better today + years from now when you redecorate I can remove the wallpaper without wall damage).

10:00 am: Install wallpaper.

11:30 am: Clean up, Load out equipment.

11:45 am: Client writes me a check for $450.oo, I write a receipt

Scenario Two: The one wall is textured (and the stars are aligned properly)

Phase 1:

Hire Juan De La Cruz 971.226.5222 (Skim Coat Specialist) to smooth out the textured wall prior to WALLPAPERPRO being scheduled to install your new wallpaper. Juan knows I will be priming/installing wallpaper after he skim coats the wall.

Smoothing a textured wall requires a minimum of two skim coats plus coming back the following morning to sand.

Phase 2:

WALLPAPERPRO will perform labor as described in Scenario One above.

*If the stars are not aligned, your installation will take longer than the time tables above.

"ORS 701.055 Valid license for work required; ...(1) A person shall not undertake, offer to undertake or submit a bid to do work as a contractor unless that person has a current, valid license issued by the Construction Contractors Board."

If you encounter any unlicensed person(s) bidding on paperhanging or other construction trades in Oregon, please report this unlawful activity to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board at 503-378-4621.

Pricing effective 01Jan23.
All pricing subject to change.

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